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Do you or staff members of the agency where you work provide services to families and children? You probably spend as much of your time as possible working directly with families and children making a difference in their lives.

We spend as much of our time as possible talking to people like yourself and thinking of ways we can support the work they do through our software and a variety of supporting activities.

We have experience with a number of types of services - including:

  • Early Intervention
  • Home Visiting
  • Infant Mental Health
  • Healthy Start
  • Resource & Referral
  • Tiered Quality Improvement for Agencies

We have experience in a variety of contexts:

  • Funders of Multi-Agency Systems coordinating the work of multiple agencies
  • Individual Agencies providing Early Intervention, Home Visiting, and other types of service
  • Agencies providing services to families/children and/or organizations/staff members
  • Vendors of curriculum used by multiple agencies
  • Working Side-by-Side with other Software Vendors

Some of the Software and Services we provide include:

  • Software modules for client management, developing and administering evaluations/assessments, client-oriented accounts receivable/third-party billing, and client-oriented claims processing
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Data Migration/Conversion
  • Software Customization/Configuration
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Report Design & Creation
  • New Feature Development
  • Electronic Interfaces with Other Systems

If what we have to offer is of interest, please continue to browse our web site or visit the Contact Page and reach out to us.